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About the Authors


Lord Andrew the Tinker is an artist-metalsmith operating out of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. He received his bachelor of fine arts, with an emphasis in metal and jewelry in 1996. He additionally holds a Bachelor of Science with dual majors in biology and chemistry, an associates degree in Nursing, and has been slowly working towards a Master's degree in Biochemistry. He is licensed as a nurse and an acupuncture detox specialist, which serve as 'day jobs'. Lord Andrew has a long term interest in historical reenactment and historical technology, and teaches medieval and victorian technological skills through the local SCA, Rennaisance Faires, and Museums.


Lady Mira is a fabric artist and seamstress from Northern Michigan. Lady Mira received a Bachelor of Science in Biology, with an emphasis in forestry, in 1998. She has spent the the time since her degree working both as a fiber and cloth artist, and as a veneer and fine woodworking specialist. Mira owns and operates a business that does custom canvas, upholstery, and clothing work. She has a deep interest in historical reenactment and has led garbing and sewing workshops from early medieval period up to the american fur-trade era. Lady Mira is trained in armoured combat both with sword and shield and with polearm.

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