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Standard Disclaimer and Copyright Stuff

Standard disclaimer: This project and others available on this site uses heat, tools, chemicals, and open flames. Some seriously dangerous stuff goes on in some of these projects and you could lose a finger, an eye, or worse if you aren't careful. You are responsible for taking all applicable safety precautions, and applying common sense. Since I have no control over how you do things in your own shop, or what precautions you choose to use or not use, and I'm not there to hold your hand, it's not my fault if you hurt yourself. Please do your best not to get hurt. So many craftsmen and carpenters end life with fewer fingers or eyes than they started with; don't be one of them.

Standard Copyright Stuff: All material on this site, unless specifically stated otherwise, are copyright Andrew Wiesmann, 2001 to present date. I work hard putting these pages and pictures together, so if you want to use them for nonprofit uses you can as long as you give credit and a link back. Otherwise, if I find you've used them and you're pretending that my work is yours I'll call you out on it. Everyone will know that you're too sad and full of fail to do your own stuff, and have to resort to faking it.

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