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Welcome to Tinker Projects

Welcome to Tinker Projects. Here you will find information on the work of Lord Andrew the Tinker, and Lady Mira Stonegate, as well as useful information on basic metalworking, woodworking, fiber arts, and electrical skill. We've made a long list of projects we'd like to share. We haven't been very diligent in the past about documenting projects, so a lot of these don't have documentation yet, but over the next couple of years we plan to redo them and document as we go. The project list will be evolving and changing over that time, hopefully in an ever-expanding direction.

This site was inspired by various posts at the Brass Goggles Steampunk forum, which highlighted the fact that while many crafters are gifted with artistic vision, many are limited by their skillset to a limited set of media, and are unable to realize that vision. In one sense, this site is a protest against the whole concept that steampunk style consists of clever nerf-gun repaint jobs and gears from smashed mechanisms hot-glued to clothing. For me, the steampunk style consists of PUNK in the style of the early industrial revolution, before craftsmanship and art gave way to mass production and conformity. Steampunk is about making things yourself, things that have never existed before, and defining your own style, not conformity and costumes. The idea that there's a steampunk 'uniform' is disturbing.

Steampunk (insert 'dieselpunk', 'cyberpunk', or whatever-punk as appropriate) style happens naturally, when the artist sets out to solve modern problems, but chooses to use a lower level of technology than is available. For the proper 'steampunk' appearance, this is victorian technology, but the underlying concept is that newer is not necessarily better, and that function can be achieved by using solutions that already exist. In my vision, all creations should be functional. I won't make something that's a purely decorative object. It should have a purpose, and be capable of fulfilling that purpose. The creativity and unusual design required to work with victorian technology, combined with the natural beauty of the materials, gives a pleasing effect. Mimicking that effect by attempting to disguise a modern mechanism with non-functional glued on gears, or a coating of brass-look paint makes costume jewelry for cosplay, but it doesn't make art.

Standard disclaimer: This project and others available on this site uses heat, tools, chemicals, and open flames. You are responsible for taking all applicable safety precautions, and applying common sense. Since I have no control over how you do things in your own shop, or what precautions you choose to use or not use, and I'm not there to hold your hand, it's not my fault if you hurt yourself.

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