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This site's design

What I'm trying to do with this site is to present and archive a lot of information, in an accessible way. I'm consciously resisting the urge to use such things as frames, scripts, or image map based menus, because I believe that such things are not a substitute for content. I'd rather have a text-dense, information-dense website, that has lots of useful information in an easily navigated format, than a very well put together, visually stunning, but content-free site. Time spent coding clever scrips and drawing fancy logos is time not spent in the shop actually doing interesting stuff. In addition, the more 'features' one uses in website design, the more likely that the site won't render well on all platforms or browsers. For a good example of the sort of web design I favor, visit The website of amateur scientist and inventor Bill Beatty. HTML is an excellent language for presenting lots of information presorted into categories, and that's what I aim to do here. Please excuse the lack of drop down menus, logos, top and side frames with menus, and other trappings of modern website design.

Please excuse as well the various popups and banner ads. At this point, they're part of the cost of doing business with Angelfire. This site will be outgrowing Angelfire's free service in a pretty short timeframe, so all this is temporary. (at the average size of a tutorial, there's room for about the first 20 to 25 here, or just a few more than that if I compress the pictures a bit more. I estimate we'll have 20 tutorials in a few more months, assuming my enthusiasm holds.)

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